Friday, May 30, 2008


What beautiful animals!!

Friday already! If the days keep going by so fast, I better start enjoying every single minute, of every single hour and every single day!! Not that I don't, but I better start "Living In the Now!"
Tom said this morning, that all morning, I grumbled and mumbled and was negative about just about everything that came out of my mouth. I was aware of some of those things and they were well deserved to be negative about them, but not everything!! So, this afternoon, I stopped my mumble, grumble mood and began to look at positive things......only because, I ran out of negative ones! What the heck...somedays, it just feels good to be a grouch!
So, what sweet and wonderful things can I tell you about on this beautiful sunny Friday??

Well, we did what we often do and went to the Library! Our home away from home! I haven't been keeping up my book list and I've forgotten half of what I've read lately, but last night I finished "The Bookseller From Kabul", and it was okay. I think tonight, I'm starting "The Inheritance Of Loss", so I hope it's good.

I was going to go to The Bay or wherever to buy two good teflon fry pans. Ours are a mess and the eggs never come out looking very good, but by the time I got home from the Library, I was HOT and just came home, kicked off my shoes, changed to cut-off pants and had a really cold beer! Then I spent the next two hours on a steady path to the washroom! Wow, talk about it going right through me! Never even stopped to say "hello!"

Now, I'm having a glass of wine...what an old alcoholic eh? However, it's many hours since the beer and the wine is like drinking pop! Good old Spumonti!!

Well, that's pretty well the whole day! Not real exciting, but enjoyable just the same! I hope everyone had a good one as well and I hope you have a wonderful weekend too.

Picture of the day: Hi to my friend Betty!! I wish I was with you tomorrow Betty, because those yard sales won't be the same without us there eh! Betty and I used to play together as kids in Capreol, and never stopped being friends when we both ended up in Belleville. She's a treasure and I miss you Betty Boop!!!

Thought of the day: You can't have everything-where would you put it?

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