Sunday, June 8, 2008


Beautiful Animals With Beautiful Faces

I was going to ask everyone reading this, which animal did they think was the cutest, but I tried to decide myself and couldn't come up with one in particular! I love them all, but have always been kind of partial to polar bears. But just look at those faces, they are incredible!

This morning we went off for a little drive to no destination in mind, and on the way, I saw so many wonderful things to take pictures of, but how in the heck can you just stop on a free way to take a picture? We saw a whole bunch of dragon boat rowers heading out, and it looked so pretty with them on the water. Then we saw a massive big blow up, air filled baby, at the Arts Center and it would have made a great picture, but it was in yesterdays paper and if I can find it at the end of this blog, I'll send it along. Of course beautiful flowers everywhere, weird looking people too!! Tom showed me where he lived growing up, although his house had been replaced with two modern homes, but it was a nice neighbourhood with beautiful big trees, which he said, were just little when he was there.

Then we ended up looking for a Tim Horton's and ended up in Metrotown which to those that don't know, is a massive big shopping center and the Tim Horton's was in the food garden, so we walked and walked and I saw more of Metrotown, then I ever knew was even there! It's a HUGE place!
Back a couple of weeks ago, we went to Brentwood Mall and into Sears, where I tried on the horror's of horror's,-- bathing suits!!! Mine all have very thread bare bottoms and I needed a new one. I found one, I really liked, in fact two I really liked, but for some reason, after going through that torture, on trying on half a dozen, then trying them all on again, eliminating until I found the one I was going to buy, I changed my mind about needing one, so off we went. Soon as we drove away from the Mall, I regretted not buying it. So, at Metrotown, I went in to Sears to see if they had that bathing suit I liked. Impossible!!!!

So, I mentioned to Tom, I should have bought the one at Brentwood mall a few weeks ago. So, Tom said, lets go back and see if it's still there. I thought very negatively and was sure it was impossible it would still be there! After all, it was weeks ago when I first tried it on. But, off we went, and sure enough...there was the bathing suit but in a larger size. Then I spotted 8 more bathing suits I liked and in my size, so off I go to the fitting room and again, I tried on each one. I liked each one of them, all were nice! (Well, as nice as they could possibly look on this fat bod!) So, I tried them on and off at least 4 more times, until finally eliminating to the final one which was the original one I wanted. Only it's in a bigger size, so I need to have the shoulders straps fixed to make them tighter to lift of my boobs! It was 35% off too, so that will pay for the dressmaker to fix the suit. Now, I just need the nerve to wear a bathing suit in public! But if it's hot enough...which is doubtful in Vancouver lately....I may wear it!
Now, I need a cover-up and lots of nerve!

Oh well, if we can't laugh at ourselves, it's a sad world!

So, now we are home, with a meatloaf and potato's cooking in the oven and the smell is making me salivate!
So, that was our day!

Picture of the day: Roxanne took this picture this weekend of the swans in synchronized preening.

Thought of the day: If one synchronized swimmer drowns, do all the rest have to drown too?

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