Monday, June 9, 2008


The weather here is absolutely pitifull! I can't believe how I always heard the fantastic weather that Vancouver has, and I have to admit when it's nice it's beautiful, but it seems since I arrived here, the horrible weather has persisted!! Is it me?? Everyone is complaining and grumbling and it's just a miserable string of cold, wet days that doesn't seem to be inproving, according to the weather forecast!

Oops...just heard the news and Ontario got hit with a tornado! Gosh, the weather anymore, is getting scary all over the world. I hold my breath that nothing happens more then just rain here, even though, I have no idea how to build an Ark!

This morning we went out for breakfast with Bill and Dianne, two of my most favorite people! What a delightful pair they are and we have such great conversations and laughs. They are 10+ for good people! We went to a place called De Dutch, which makes these huge big thin pancakes that fill the plate, then you have your choice of filling. For some reason, I always order eggs bennie, which is my favourite but sure not great to help me fit into the bathingsuit I bought yesterday!

Then we went to buy a couple of huge geranium plants and a little pot of "hens and eggs", which I planted already into the two empty pots I had on the deck.

After we picked up the plants, we went to buy some shoes for Tom, and I played shoe salesperson, fitting them and finding the right size and having a few chuckles doing it. Another fellow sat down beside Tom and I think he thought I worked at the store and was going to do the same for him. But when Tom found the pair he liked, I said "I quit!" The other guy looked lost and shocked!

Then it was off to the Library, where we live half the time. Comfy big chairs and coffee and goodies and all these wonderful books surrounding us....why not!! I'm still reading Barbara Walters tell all, but I skip lots of pages, looking for the juicy parts. She was quite the gal!! I can't even imagine Barbara Walters having sex, she looks so straightlaced, but she sure did, and probably does! I'll have to read to the end of the book to find out! Even Batman loves it!!

Gas here is a whopping 146.9!!! Doesn't seem to be stopping the flow of cars though. Traffic is still heavy.

Here is the picture I promised you yesterday but forgot to send. It's at the Art Gallery, and I guess it's a baby. Weird looking when you drive by and HUGE!
Well, that was a day in the life of Linda and Tom! It's leftover night for dinner and then the program "The Mole" is on tonight at 10, so I hope I can stay up that long, as I enjoyed that program when it was on before.

Picture of the Day: Not any cats we know, but those birds better get out of there!!

Thought of the day: To err is human, but to blame it on someone else is humaner!

NOTE!! Because I added so many pictures, it screwed up the posting and you have to SCROLL way down to get to yesterdays blog. This happens now and then, and I still haven't got that bug out!

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