Monday, June 2, 2008


A BIG HUG TO YOU TOO! Well, it's another Monday, and quite a cool day in West Vancouver. But, I did go for a little walk home from the Mall, so that was worth a major medal for me! However, the reason we drove over to the Mall was to have lunch! So, my walk didn't really do that much for me!

Stopping in at Homesense, which is one of my favourite stores, and wishing I could buy this and that, but just have no room for this and that, so usually leave feeling more depressed then when I went in. But coming down the escalator, there at the bottom were some friends, Len and Piri, that we made friends with while on our Hawaii cruise last Christmas. What a nice surprise! We keep in touch with jokes over the Internet, but how nice to see them again. They live up the Sunshine Coast, which is reached by ferry.

Even though it's a cool day, I was in sweat by the time I got home....darn inclines get me! Every place around here has a hill!!

Tom is reading Prisoner of Birth, and said it's a terrific book. It must be, because, he can hardly tear himself away from it. I can hardly wait to read it next. Then he will have to tear me away from it, if it's as good as he says!
Roxanne took TJ to the vet today and the poor dog had 10 teeth removed and right now is feeling pretty lousy!
I wonder how many teeth she has left?

Lisa and Mike have bought a new home and it's a big one! She sounds very excited about it. I've seen pictures, and will send pictures when available. $$$$$...scares me!

Do we EVER stop worrying about our kids?? I seem to spend a whole lot of time doing just that!

I had a wonderful letter from our cousin Phemie-Jean, who I haven't heard from in awhile. She would like to get a family reunion together. Anyone interested in having it out here in, I didn't think so!! Just a little far to keep the potato salad cold eh? It seems everyone is so scattered over Canada and the U.S. now, but it would be great to get together. Any one want to volunteer?? It's a shame we think these great idea's, but never act on them, until it's all too late and us oldies are gone to the great beyond!

Phemie and husband opened a new business called Dinner By Design, which looks like a good idea. Franchising is open to those interested!!

Anyway, that's all my news for today.

Picture of the Day: Stanley Parks historic hollow tree, with Jane 2 years ago.

This is taken in 1891. The tree is 40 feet around! Sadly the old landmark had to be taken down this Spring, after the monster storm damaged Stanley Park and the tree. The city tried thought of every conceivable way to save the old tree, but the expense was just too great and very controversial! Sad to see it go!

Thought of the day: I may rise, but I refuse to shine!

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