Thursday, June 5, 2008



Well, it's been two days since I last posted. Some of you wonderful people noticed, others......who gives a damn eh?

To put it plainly, the last two days, I've been in a FUNK! Just haven't felt like even getting out of bed. A touch of depression maybe, (which I'm not prone to) or just having one of those PMS days, that have long gone, but felt like it just the same. Lot's of sleeping! It's a VERY QUIET house! So, the computer just hasn't been of much attraction to me as it usually does. However a West Jet advertisement jumped out at me today, that caught my attention and boosted my moral until I found out, it would mean I wouldn't be here for Meredith's wedding, so I fell back into my funk! Timing just isn't right!
This weather hasn't been too inspiring either. Rain again and very cool. It was looking up for awhile but it was just a tease!

Mike, you are celebrating with family and friends of the College tonight with a momentous occasion. Congratulations on your retirement, and I'm with you in spirit if not in person.
There are so many students that have passed through your classroom and I'm sure they all loved you, as well as all your c0-workers there. The guy in the center of this picture even looks like you. How cool is that!!Before writing this today, I tried to fix the guestbook and ended up messing things up so badly that my computer began running so slow. I did it the first time, so easily. Serves me right for trying to get fancy and learn something new. So, it's not made my funk any better, so I'm not making this a long blog. Maybe tomorrow, or the next night, I can find my humour and try to entertain you better. Thanks for checking in!!


Thought of the day: To The Powerful Women ----- Keep the Faith!!

Live your life in such a way that when your feet hit the
floor in the morning, Satan shudders & says...
'Oh Crap....She's Awake!!'

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