Thursday, June 26, 2008


I hope everyone had a great day and Ontario people will be finished with dinner and relaxing, and Vancouver people are just thinking about getting dinner.
Tom had a hankering for Taco's, and we had been out doing things today, so stopped and had some. So, I'm off the hook for dinner, I believe.

We had to go see our travel agent to finish off the planning for our Alaska cruise. We also booked a train trip in Skagway, that takes us on a 4 hour tour to amazing peaks and 100 year old wooden trestles that you ride over from dizzing heights, and scary drops below. (My stomach just did a "dip" as I wrote that!!) I think my nerve has left me as I grow older!
We we're there quite a long time, chatting and listening to Helen, our agent who is from England, and talks very quickly, and has a wonderful sense of humour. We love her, so she was telling us some funny stories and had us in stitches.
Then off we went to find a turkey for Meredith's wedding on Saturday. Finally found one, so it's thawing now. I was to make cabbage rolls, but I'm cheating and getting them from M&M, who makes them the same way mine turn out like, so I can't even tell the difference. This is a backyard, casual wedding with a few of us, making dishes. The poor girl is so stressed out with everything to do! I don't envy her!! But it will all go well and then they can relax.
Sunshine and warm weather is predicted for the weekend, so that's a plus!!

I didn't get a chance to even take a picture today, so once I finish this, I may take a walk down to the water and take a few. Either that, or study and play with the camera here.
The Tall Ships are in Victoria, and wish they were over here! They were here last year, and right down by the water, but I think we were at the cottage then and missed them.

Well, I have to put on my learning cap, and go read a manual!! YUK!! One of these days soon, I'll have pictures on here for you....I promise. Probably on Sunday!! I should be able to take some at the wedding and get them off my camera to show you by then.

See you later!

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