Wednesday, June 25, 2008



I wish, I could take a picture like this!! #$%## new camera!!!

I bet everyone expected to see some shots today, but forget it!! This may take awhile! I'm a very slow learner when it comes to pushing buttons and figuring out what does what!

Right now...same as yesterday, I'm watching Oprah and they are showing famous UTube video's, and how they have made people famous...and rich! You won't see anything from me on there!! This morning, we drove across Vancouver to go to Tom's Fireman Club, for his meeting with retired firefighters, and I took some pics out the window, and we passed a police car parked across one part of the road and something interesting was going on, but I couldn't find the buttons to get the menu off the screen to take a picture in time!! There's is just no hope. I want to take pictures at Meredith and Dave's wedding this Saturday, but likely they will be celebrating their 10 wedding anniversay, when I finally get the hang of the camera!!

Anyway, I strolled around Metrotown while Tom was at the meeting and didn't buy one single, solitary thing!

Then to Costco, and then Supersave Market, M&M and home!! We we're both, singing "Show me the way to go home!" We both are tired! Long day!

Picture of the day: Picture from LONG ago. Upper L -R..Linda, Roxanne, Lower L -R my brother John, sis in law Wanda, and brother Mike

Thought of the Day: When you cross a gorilla and a mink, you get a beautiful coat - but, the sleeves are too long!! GROAN!!!!!

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