Saturday, June 21, 2008


We missed our breakfast out this morning, so out came the Cheerio's again. We did have some blueberry's and strawberry's on the Cheerio's, so what the heck, aye!! Gourmet breakfast!

After breakfast, I put on the running shoes and started out down the seawall thinking I'd walk to Dunderave, but 1/2 way there, I ran out of steam, so took out my cell and called my friend Patricia, and begged her to take in a wandering, tired, worn out person and maybe be kind to give me a cup of tea. So, we chatted and exchanged gossip over tea and then she asked me to look at her computer and show her how to do something. I turned it on and she never knew what to do with all the messages regarding updates, so I clicked on the okay to update and somehow, probably because we were chatting, I okayed a virus protector to run. One that they scan the computer, tell you that you have 32 viruses, and tell you they will fix it for $49.95. Well, I tried everything I could think of to delete that program, and it was just impossible and the big advertisement for it kept blocking the screen. Poor Patricia, I'm sure was wishing, I had just walked on by and made it to Dunderave!!

So, I called Tom, to see if he'd pick me up and come in and look at the computer to see if he could fix it. We tried to uninstall....impossible!! We tried to install a good and also free virus protector on the computer, but wouldn't install until we got rid of the one we were trying to get rid of.

We called Martin, the computer expert and he said it was a piece of spam that is embedded in the computer and he'd have to be there, to do what he does and delve deep into the files, I've never even heard about and delete it. However, as I write this, I think and wonder if I had tried one more thing that just occurred to me, it maybe would have worked!! Hmmmm,

So, Patricia, I'm sorry, I screwed up the computer, and hopefully, will be able to solve the problem for you soon!

Just as Tom and I were driving home, I saw the sign for the Pipe Band concert about to start in 1/2 hour, so I yelled STOP!! Tom didn't want to go, so I went alone. I was lamenting I didn't have the camera, AGAIN!! Then this really nice man sat next to me and we began chatting and exchanging info about one another and by the end of the evening, he said he'd send me some of his Pipe band pictures. He was single, and I was thinking DRATS....where are my single friends when I need them!! An eligible bachelor, good looking and a really nice man!! Too bad you weren't here Roxanne!

The Pipe Band was excellent as always!! There's something about a man in a skirt and wondering what he's wearing under it eh?

That's my blog for tonight. They seem to be getting shorter, but that may be a blessing to some!!Enjoy the rest of the weekend!!

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