Friday, June 20, 2008


Sprinkling Fairy Dust Your Way
Beautiful fairy picture, courtesy of:
"Gale Franey, digital artist"
This little fairy is sprinkling her fairy dust to everyone reading this, to wish you a wonderful weekend! Looks like I jumped the gun yesterday and thought it was Friday! I was quite surprised this morning when I got up and found out it wasn't Saturday!! To think, I'm always moaning about how fast the time is going and I'm pushing it along faster then it should be!

I had hopes of going out for breakfast this morning as we usually do on Saturday, so was disappointed when I had to bring out the Cheerios!!

I had another sleepless night last night, so went back to bed this morning for a little while. Then the school yard across the way had a big activity day and the kids we're wild and noisy, and sounded like screaming savages, that soon ended, my "just dropped off" sleep. Also, I have a kink in my neck and so I feel like a wreck! Anybody got a gun??

To a wonderful, long-time friend, Congratulations!!!

We hope you had a great party, and I hope my letter and contributions arrived in time.
Now, it's time to relax, enjoy and put all those past problems, regarding work, behind you!
You will love retirement!!
I regret not being at your grand affair, and also wish I was home to enjoy retirement with you and Eva and Christina. Wouldn't we have fun!!

Seems like only yesterday, retirement was just a long time away thought!!
Now it's here!!

So many people at the College will miss you! You we're the STAR!!!!

Best wishes from Tom and myself! Enjoy and come and visit!!!

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