Monday, July 14, 2008


Congratulations to Avi and Amy, who are now husband and wife!! Way to go!!!

Avi looking calm, cool and collected and waiting for the marriage service to begin

Here comes the pretty Mother of the Bride

Here comes Dad about to give his daughter away

Look at the Avi's he proud of what he see's or what eh? Amy gave her Dad a big hug before stepping up to take Avi's hand

Saying the vow's. Avi, got through saying some beautiful words to Amy, but Amy, as most bride's do, became emotional and couldn't get them out. She will save them for another time, I'm sure!

Amy is placing Avi's ring on his finger. Note the henna on Amy's hand from yesterdays Hindu service. It doesn't wash off easily. It was very pretty on her hands.

Making it legal and signing the marriage licence.

Amy's lovely bridesmaids

The VERY married (twice) couple! Don't they look happy! Amy looks like a fairy princess, and Avi, is a very happy looking prince!

What a cute church is was in a beautiful location. Perfect for a wedding and pictures.

This is Dianne, the pretty Mother of the Bride, and the Father of the Groom

This is the mother of the Groom, I believe her name is Dakota (pretty name for a pretty lady!)

Another guest that came to the wedding to see Amy and Avi get married! Rabbit's are all over the chapel grounds and lovely to see.

This is where the wedding reception is held. We got here shortly before the other guests, so was able to take a picture of this. What a beautiful place, with big winding staircases, and fabulous chandeliers. The dinner was absolutely delicious, with a mix of East Indian food and our normal cuisine. There was a beautiful ice sculpture, open bar, and bottles of take home wine. It was just a wonderful wedding with all the stops pulled out! What a delight to be a guest!

The Bride and Groom have arrived. What a beautiful gown and look at that set-up for the head table!

Mmmm, look at that fancy cake!!

Amy dancing with her Father. My photography is getting worse instead of better. Will have to study the book of instructions more.

Another blurry picture of Dad and Daughter dancing. There we're two photographers taking pictures constantly for two days, so I imagine they will have hundreds of their big day!

Avi having his first dance with his Mother as a married man!

That's it folks! I'll put more in future blogs to show you more of the highlights. It was two days full of fun, and we thank both families for the chance at being at the wedding. To Ami and Avi, both Tom and I wish them much success in their lives, and wish that they always be as happy as they are on this day.

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