Tuesday, July 15, 2008


We've recovered from our busy weekend, and wonder how the parents of the bride and groom are doing and if they have been able to take a huge breath, now that it's all over! So, much planning, and work!! I sure didn't envy them, but they all did a marvellous job!

It's a beautiful day and I walked over to Park Royal to meet Tom after his chiro appointment, then we went to Tim's for a coffee and home! We've been home, all afternoon, both playing on our computers. What a life eh! I should be studying the camera handbook instead!
Here is a few more picture of both weddings.

Hands and feet are decorated with Henna. The longer the henna stays on the skin, is suppose to indicate a longer marriage. It takes awhile to remove this from the skin. Pretty isn't it?
Amy and Mom, and Bill and Dianne, looking very serious. I bet it was hard sitting on the floor for that length of time.

Good picture of Tom and Dianne
and one of Billy, the Bride's brother and one of the Bridesmaids

Close-up of part of Temple

Harpist at the traditional wedding

Canopy on entering dining room and our table 16

Beautiful ice sculpture

Amazing chandelier and wonderful place for a reception.

Hope you enjoyed some of the pictures, as we enjoyed the whole weekend!!

Reminder: Remember, when I sometimes screw up with picture placement, you have to scroll down to see the other posts. I never know how it will turn out, until I publish the blog.

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