Friday, July 11, 2008


Horseshoe Bay, BC

Another phone call to the Telus Phone Center and we are back in working order again!
I didn't take the picture above, I snatched it from the Internet.
This is where I lived with the "other" Tom, in my "other life" and where Lisa spent her first few months after birth before we moved back to Ontario.
Horseshoe Bay is also where we go to see our family doctor and sometimes have a delicious meal of fish and chips.
It's a really pretty place, although back in 1965, I was very homesick and didn't see the beauty at all. I wanted to go home!!
It's so ironic that 43 years later, here I am back in the old stomping grounds with another man the same name as the first!

I was so very young back then! Married at 18 and my first child at 21. Whenever we drive into Horseshoe Bay now, I can't help old ghosts of memories, creep into my mind, which really does seem like a past life now. So many years have gone by, so many changes in my life has taken place over this span of time. Some good, some bad, but all in all, I wouldn't change a thing of my life.

I'm just so thankful that I have the life I have now, with a wonderful husband (the best), and great children and grandchildren. What else could a woman ask for, except, love, peace, well-being and able to wake up each morning, filled with joy, and very happy to see a bright new day. All of this I have and I'm so thankful!
I believe in Guardian Angels!!

It's a beautiful day out there and as it's only 11:45 am, I have been lolly-gagging all morning talking to the computer help-line and then zipping around on the fixed computer, at much better speed, looking at different sites. It's time I get up and get something done!
Congratulations to my Granddaughter Erica who graduated from Gr. 8 to High School and was Valedictorian!!
Way to go Erica. We are sooo proud of you!!

To the rest of everyone out there, Have a Geat Weekend!!!!

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