Thursday, July 10, 2008


Hi again! Wow, what winds we have today! It's really blowing, yet the sun in shining and despite the wind, it's still very lovely out. Lots of white caps on the water and I wonder if it's rough out there on a cruise ship! The news is on and many places in BC are having trees fall and damage from gusts up to 100 mph.

Yesterday Tom's new computer router arrived and getting it hooked up and working was a challenge, but the bigger challenge was having to call the computer help line, which as it turned out is in the Philippines. We talked to a very helpful and extremely patient lady called Helen. I think we must have been on the phone with her for about an hour, both of us talking to her, while one of us did the hook-ups and the other, relaying the information she was telling us to do. I get so frazzled doing all this and anything technical between Tom and I, always turns out to be a big laugh!

Note: WEll, I already had filled this page with pictures and stuff, and everything got lost when I became disconnected and it didn't save what was there, beyond the last paragraph. Everything seems very unstable computer wise, so I'm just going to say goodnight to you and not to try doing it all over again. I'm frustrated and can NOT face phoning Telus technical support at the moment!

So, I bid you a sweet adieu!!

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