Saturday, July 26, 2008

JULY 26.08


It's 5:03pm and I'm ready for bed! Is it the good book I'm reading or am I tired and lazy?

Spent most part of the day visiting with some friends, which was great fun and then we dropped into the Library (our home away from home), to get another pile of "more then I can read" books.

Then we stopped at an Iranian market and bought some Samosa's for dinner. So, I'll just make a spinach salad and that's Saturday's dinner.

We also bought some dips, like an eggplant dip, that is so delicious, also a hummus dip, and another cheese dip made from feta cheese. I'm amazed with myself and the food that I've adapted to and now love, since I immigrated from Ontario to British Columbia.

So, now, I'm going to put the computer away for the night, and get dinner ready and snuggle in for the evening. At least until 10pm tonight when the USA, puts on their fireworks show. I'll be up and standing on the balcony to watch. If it's anything like the show the other night, it will be something. Another show, on Wednesday, put on by China, and then the following Saturday, it's a combined big triple whammy of a show!! Please rain..hold off!!

See you tomorrow. I may try to take some fireworks photo's tonight, but have to balance it on the railing to hold it steady as the shutter stays open to do it's thing. I'm a little nervous of dropping it to the ground, 7 stories down!!! Ohhh nooo!!!

See you on Sunday!

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