Sunday, July 27, 2008


Ahhhh, even in this modern , rush, rush, world, one can still have a lazy day Sunday and it feels sooo good!!

We haven't done much today, except, eat, relax, sleep and play on the computer and read! How good can it get?

This is the book I finished today and I highly recommend it! A wonderful story about WWI and two Cree Indians who after living in the old ways of their people, join the war. It's a wonderful story and I had tears in my eyes when it ended. I give it ***** 5 stars!!

I haven't been keeping my "book's read list," on here up to date! I can't even remember the titles anymore and sometimes I get a book home, begin to read it and find it's one I've already finished!!

It started off a dreary looking day, after a little downpour through the night, and then the sun came out, and it's been beautiful all day. We are sitting out on the patio/deck, veranda- whatever it's called, with my computer, and Tom sitting beside me reading his book. The cat is laying in the shade, dozing as cat's napping.

It's just about time for the parade of cruise ships to start cruising by, on their way to Alaska. There sure are many more ships going past this year. They also come from Seattle as well, so there must be very busy ports in Alaska with all the tourists. I hear that some of the businesses that sling merchandise to the tourist, pack up at the end of the season in Alaska and move kit and caboodle down along the Mexican ports and set up shop there. Soon we will be going and I can't wait!!

The second part of the Festival of Lights, was last night. I'm talking about the firework competition they have every year. The first night it was Canada, last night it was the USA and next Wed. night, it's China. Then next Sat. night, it's the Grand Finale with all three Countries, lighting the sky up with fantastic displays. I watched it from the balcony last night and it's really beautiful to see and different displays I've never seen before. Some became big hearts and then they have these circles or rings that are pretty neat.

Well, that's my blog,because I can't see out here anymore. The light is shining right on my screen and finding where my mouse goes is difficult.

So, until tomorrow......


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