Saturday, July 5, 2008



Well, I traded on up to a better camera then the one I had bought last week. I couldn't stand any longer the x3 zoom on the cute very compact one I had, and taking pictures just across the road of the guys with muscular, toned and tanned, hot, bodies, as they worked in the heat, installing a new roof, just wasn't coming in close enough! So, I packed everything back in the teeny box they some how pack these things into, which took me an hour to figure out how to repack it back so it fit, and returned it to the store for a larger zoom! This one has a 10x zoom and will actually zoom to a 16 with some tactics, which I'll soon learn. It cost me a bit more money, but why live with something you don't like and just are not pleased with?
Of course, I will admit, I had the binoculars out a few times, just to make sure they were doing it right!!!

This camera is heavier to carry, but that's the cross, I'll have to bare....ohhhh dear me!!

Tom and I had breakfast in the mall, at the last place I would have thought of having breakfast, but we we're in The Bay, buying some socks for him and our tummy rumbled as we walked past the cafeteria and thought...what the heck, it's eggs, no matter how you look at them. It was quite too!!

So, I played with the camera all afternoon and frankly, I'm sick of looking at it, so after going out and taking a few up close flower picture's, I came home and put it away. I can't be bothered at the moment learning a new program of putting them on the camera and resizing them, which I'm always terrible at.

Tomorrow we are going to see the play by Mel Brooks, "The Producers", so, if I can, I'll take a few pictures for tomorrow nights blog.
I love going to live productions!

It's a dull day, with sprinkles of rain off and on. I was going to bake Tom his biscotti's but kind of got sidetracked and I guess it will be Monday now! He's getting sick of bought cookies!

My blog gets shorter and shorter in these summer months but I'd like to show you all the places that people come from to read the blog, so I hope this works!!

Well, it didn't go as big as I hoped but you get the idea. Where there is a mass of pins there are many, many hidden and when I click on them, they open up and tell me what towns area they are from but NOT who they are. Interesting eh? Some come in every day and I don't know who they are in Europe and all over. It's what keeps me going writing this.
With that, I'm going to go and start dinner. Spaghetti tonight!
See you tomorrow and hopefully with some pics.

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