Sunday, July 6, 2008



It arrives quickly and leaves at the speed of a flying bullet and the weekend is GONZO!! I hope everyone had a good one!

Faster then a speeding bullet!!

It was a great day here. Tom and I frittered away the morning having a late breakfast, reading the paper, catching up on email and then realized what time it was getting to be!

We had tickets to see The Producers, as I mentioned in the blog yesterday and I wasn't nearly ready when I saw the time.

I put on a lovely blouse I had bought some time ago, but was waiting for a special moment to wear it, so got all dolled up, and Tom said "WOW!", but then I turned around in the mirror and saw all these newly developed rolls on my back! Where'd they come from? Where they there yesterday??? So, whipped it off, and searched though everything to find a top to go with the mood I was in and the pants I was wearing! My goodness, if you seen the bedroom, which I just left until we got home, you would think we'd been robbed, with even one drawer out of the dresser and laying on the bed, clothes all over the place and my jewellery box, turned upside down, looking for those special earrings, I was going to wear with the first thing I had on!!

Not a fun thing to come home to!

Anyway, The Producer was GREAT!! We really enjoyed it and what energy and humor went into that show! I'm so glad we went! If you should get a chance...go see it!!

No pictures out of my camera yet!! Tomorrow for sure!!! Remember....I'm a slow learner!!

Anything involving technology and buttons and things to press, don't come easy to this old brain that never did have many brain cells and much less today, so have patience....because I'll probably bore you silly with them....eventually!


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