Saturday, July 19, 2008


It's 9:06, and I'm tired, so a short post it will be tonight! The apartment building next to us, and level with our floor, had new people move in and it was time to PARTY....right until 3:30 A.M. If I hear the F word once, I heard it a million times, by one guy with a loud, crude mouth. Of course, me being me, I grumbled and told Tom, I was going to holler at them to keep it down, but he's such a peacemaker, and calmed me down. In fact he was thinking of grabbing a bottle of wine and going over to join them with the theory, "if you can't beat them, join them". It's very quiet over there now and they have no company, so tonight we may get some needed sleep!

Today, Martin and Joan came over and Tom took us all to "Memphis Blues", a rib restaurant in North Vancouver. The ribs are plentiful and fall off the bone and delicious!! MMmmmm Good!

Then back home here and we had a good visit, and Martin with his technical skills straightened out our computer and even taught me how to use our DVD player!! It's been sitting here for two years, without being used, because of lack of knowing how!

We then sat outside, ate some more nibbles and bits, and then they headed home. I had supper prepared to cook, but everyone was full to the brim already, so I guess, I have dinner ready for tomorrow night!

The beautiful weather continues to be a delight and the long range forecast says more of the same. I love it!!!

That's it for my Saturday blog. All you people that came in today, and not ONE would sign the new posting place at the top of this page. Woe is me! I try so hard and get no where!! Guess, I'll go out in the garden and eat worms, as my father used to say as an expression of woe.

Goodnight...bathtub and book here I come for about 20 minutes, before I hit the sack!!

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