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I think I fell in love with reading, with my first school book "Dick and Jane." I remember holding my first brand new Library card with my name on it and feeling like I held a passkey into a whole new world that had opened up for me. I loved the smell of books, and still do. It was Nancy Drew, that had me reading late at night, always yearning for the next book to see what mystery she would solve next. I remember reading Little Woman, and yearning for more when it ended.

I think I always loved to read, as did my Mother. She had a serious eye disease when I was a child, and while she rested her eyes, I would read stories from those Reader Digest book, full of different stories and authors. I would become so engrossed in the stories filled with things I knew nothing about and would have to stop and ask my mother, "what does that mean?" She'd, give a wave of her hand and just say "read on".

It's funny now, because, I've seen some of my old report cards from Grade School and the teacher's comments were little notes that I should read more! I think they should have warned my mom that my arithmetic skills needed to be looked at more!!

In high school, my reading suffered while the hormone's raged and boy's became my focus! I was one of three girls in a room full of boys!! What heaven!! I can remember having to read books from the school library and when it came time to write a book report, I went into panic mode, and because I hadn't read any book, I'd make up my own report from my imagination, gave it a title and some fictitious author and handed in my assignment. I always got a big A or even a A+!
As I grew older, I returned to reading and became enthralled with the best sellers at the time, such as Jacqueline Suzanne and Arthur Hailey, and John Steinbeck, Hemingway, Harold Robbins (where I learned a very different world was out there).....endless list of books that took me to other lives and worlds. Always, so many books, so little time!!

It's not too strange that the beginning of my working career would be in College Library. How good can life get? I read constantly, while cooking supper, feeding my children, doing the dishes and my favourite spot to read...the bathtub! I could name nearly every famous author and what they wrote, and even the College President would come to me to for "a good read!"

A multitude of books later and a different life and career, and now retired, I'm still the same avid reader as when a child. I still come out of the Library with not just one or two books, but half the Library!! I want them all!!! So greedy for the written word!!

This is where Tom and I spend a lot of time. We both love to read, and it's pretty marvellous to be with someone with the same love of reading.

It's a beautiful Library with a great choice of books. I sometimes think of volunteering my time, but how would I find time to read!

Books have helped make me who I am without a doubt. I think this holds true for every reader, to some degree. Little by little, we change and grow as we read. I'm a fickle reader, and switch from meaty, historical fiction, to spiritual and self help books, to thrillers, such as Steven King, to romance novels, health books, cookbooks, poetry, to adventure, mystery's, biography's... and love them all. I tend to go through books with the stages of my life. Lately, I've been highly entertained with books now coming out of India and Afghanistan, and Pakistan. The favourite I can think of at the moment is "A Fine Balance". I love to learn about life in different cultures and parts of the world, and that book has so many fabulous characters. I love Wally Lamb, and Ann Marie McDonald and keep checking to see if she's written another book.

On and on it goes, and I feel so sorry for those that don't enjoy reading. What a great part of life and learning, they miss out on.

My favourite part of my day is when Tom and I crawl into bed, and snuggle into each other and lose ourselves in what we are reading, until our eyes begin to close and one of us will give an infectious yawn and the day is over! Just another thing to do "Between The Covers!"

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