Wednesday, July 23, 2008


I'm watching the news and it's all doom and gloom with the price of just about everything you buy, zooming up in price. It's certainly quite noticeable in the cost of groceries, not to mention the gas prices. Transportation cost in Vancouver for everything from the bus, the sky train, sea bus, ferries, have risen in cost. Airline tickets are horrendous!! They even charge if you prefer a certain seat now. West Jet, I think is $10 and Air Canada is $22, each way, if you want to have a window seat in advance, or wait until 24 hour before the flight and take your chances that you don't get stuck in a middle seat!! I have claustrophobia, and hopefully will get a window seat, although I don't know how that helps's a long way down! But I need to sit near the front, because I start to sweat and almost go into a panic when the plane comes to a stop and everyone starts to stand in the aisles, anxious to get off the plane. I have to keep talking to myself to calm down and stare at the ground and not notice the ones holding everyone else by putting on their jacket, and retrieving belongings from the over head bins. I'm not crazy about plane rides anymore, but sure remember what an adventure it once was! Maybe it was the food they served that made it much more fun!

Good they are talking about runway incursions where collisions are so common on airport runways. Twenty seven of them last year!!! There was 19 in 2007 here in Vancouver and 8 so far this year!!! I wonder what Toronto's is!

I walked over to meet Tom again at Park Royal where his chiropractor is, so got a little exercise. Then I went to the mall with my friend Patricia. I was so tired, I could barely walk. Just one of those days, where it all catches up with you and bed sounds so great! It will be an early night tonight!!

Tomorrow, my day will be spent catching up on ironing!! It's been building and I can't put it off any longer!! I hate ironing!! I should enter the iron woman competition!!! Wouldn't it be nice to see a man doing it for a change, like my little picture below?

Thanks Irene (my Auntie) who faithfully reads my blog and signed it! Yahooo!!
Much appreciated and will see you in September!

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