Thursday, July 24, 2008


The weather continues to be beautiful here in Vancouver and I'm loving it! We haven't had rain for awhile now, and "holy mackeral.....the grass is getting brown in rainy Vancouver!"

Vancouver had a firework sort of contest every year with two other countries, and last night I could see a spectacular display from our bedroom patio. I could see quite a bit of it from there, and some of those big fireworks would give a huge big boom and echo of the mountains behind us and it sounded like loud booming thunder. Really neat!! They put on another huge big display next Saturday night and again next Wednesday. Thousands of people gather on the beach to watch the display. I love when it's over and I just have to step back into the bedroom and two steps, I'm in bed, while everyone down on the beaches have to battle the crowd. They do get a better view though!

Click on the link for pictures if interested. I tried to copy and put them on here, but nothing worked for me today and after ironing all day, laundry, cleaning, and a multitude of other things, I just don't have much patience to keep trying!

So, my blog is short tonight and I can't come up with anything interesting to tell you about that's going on at the moment. So, with that...hopefully, tomorrow's blog with be a tad more interesting.

Happy Birthday to Dave, the newest member of this families clan. Hope it's a great one Dave, and all the best!! Big hug from Tom and I!

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