Tuesday, August 12, 2008



Our weather has changed, but promises to return to sunshine for the rest of the week, so Ontario, eat your heart out!

It's just a tad cooler today and we had a few drops of rain earlier, but it's gone now. Really though, I do feel bad for all the rain back east this year. We all seem to have those bad seasons when somewhere else is basking in sunshine. I dread the winter months here, when there is hardly any sun, just that miserable rain!! That's when I miss home and the sun sparkling on the snow. I guess there is a plus to everything!

Tom had his epidural this morning but it's too soon to tell if it's going to work or not. It's suppose to be a gradual improvement over 10 days, with hopefully each day an improvement. We are just hoping it works!! He could possibly need another one, but we'll keep our fingers crossed.

And our arms would help!

We had a lovely lunch after at a Gourmet Restaurant, which was good, but I just can't cotton on to all those different mixed greens in a salad. For years, I hated salad, then got to eating lettuce salad, and lately have discovered I love spinach salad. It's going to take me forever to like mixed green!!

We stopped at The Quay for Thia Shrimp Soup, and bought home containers of it frozen, so Tom can have it for dinner when I'm gone to Ontario. It's so delicious, we are having some for supper too. It's FULL of delcious shrimp!! Yummy.

Well, that's my blog. I haven't had the camera out anywhere lately, but will get on it soon.

I gave you a web site yesterday for the Vancouver Live Cam for the cruise ship port. This is a better one, if you are interested.


You will be able to see us pulling out on Sunday at 5 or shortly there after.

We'll wave!!!!

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