Monday, August 11, 2008


See those suitcases under the bed, well, they are out and sitting to be filled with all the ironing I did this morning! I'm pooped and hate...detest ironing!! I can't stand leaving the house a mess or any ironing or dirty clothes around when leaving on a vacation. It's so horrible to come home to, so by the time the big day arrives, I won't recouperate until about the 2nd day of vacation.

I've been wearing the same clothes since Saturday, trying to conserve. So far, I can't smell myself and I'm not going anywhere, so Tom will just have to put up with me if I do smell! Tomorrow, I'll change to new ones! Good Lord, I tell you guys everything!!!

Today, we are looking after another little dog that looks like TJ. Batman, our cat had his back up and I think she couldn't believe THAT dog had returned when I walked in with the wee pup, who by the way is deaf. Once Batman got over the shock, she tried to check out little Abby, to see if it was TJ or not. She actually stalked the poor dog, and Abby was terrified. She was so restless (she's a hyper dog), that I just took her back downstairs and put her in her cage as told to do, so she could have her afternoon sleep. I'll go get her in another hour or two and see if she will settle down back here again.

The weather continues in the beautiful pattern it's been in for weeks. Sunshine and lovely out. The long range forecast on our sailing day is sunshine and 25C. I looked at the weather in Alaska this week coming up and it's rain and quite windy, so hopefully it gets into another sunny weather pattern next week. However, we will bring raincoats for our tours!

Meals this week are whatever I can use up in the fridge. They may be some odd combinations! It will just make Tom think he's died and gone to heaven when we get served all that gourmet food on board.
Tomorrow at this time, he will have completed having his epidural in the spine and I have my fingers crossed so hard that it helps him. So, please, cross your's also!!

This is the Holland America's Zaandam and the same ship we went to Hawaii on that we will be going to Alaska on. It has two pools and hot tubs. One pool you can see on the top back of ship. The other is inside. The wraparound windows in the back is the Rotterdam dining room. We have no idea yet where our stateroom is, and won't know until we go to board. The ship was pretty well full when we booked, so we take what we can get. Just hope it's not down in the engine room!! We don't really care anyway, as we only go to our rooms to change and to sleep. The rest of the time, there is always something to do on the ship. We love to meet all the people from all over the world that travel and it's like we are one big community, so it's very friendly. Holland America ships are more for the age 40 plus people, and hardly any kids. Carnival is the kids ship! This a site of the live cam of the ships leaving. There is a ship in there now, when I just looked, but I think it's a Celebrity Cruise ship and it will be leaving tonight about 5 pm our time. So, if you just may be interested....or can watch this site starting about 5-5:30, this SUNDAY 10th and you will see our Zaandam (blue hull), and we will wave at the cam...however you may have to look hard to find us. I want to be up at the front of the ship as we go under the Lion's Gate bridge. Don't forget to wave back!!

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