Saturday, August 16, 2008



Sadly to say, this is my last post for 14 days. I hope you will miss it as much as I will miss doing it. But, just think of all the tales and pictures I'll be able to share with you, on our return.

We are all 'OVER"packed and just have last minute incidentals to throw into our small suitcase. It's been exhausting to get to this point, and look forward to stepping aboad the Zaandam, where rest and relaxation abounds!!

The house and cat sitter have arrived and Batman is friends with them and I'm sure he will be well looked after.

The house is a mess, but that and cleaning out the fridge is my next job. So, bye for now, love to you all and think of us now and then.

Remember for anyone interested, you can look for us leaving port around 5pm our time at the web address below. We'll wave at you so wave back!
The ship in there now, will be leaving also near 5pm and Toms sister Isabelle and Ken will be on it for a one week cruise to Alaska.

I know we are no where near the North Pole, but I heard Santa moves to warmer climits in the summer so will maybe run into him in Alaska. We'll put in a good word for you, so BE GOOD!
Love Linda and Tom

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