Friday, August 15, 2008


What a day this has been!! It started off with a Dr. Appointment at 9am in Horseshoe Bay. Had my ear flushed out, and prescription refills. Then we went to breakfast at the White Spot. Tom went off to his Chiro appointment and I went in to look for a yellow shirt for him at Park Royal. Then we met up later, and I drove him home, and went on to the drug store to get the prescriptions filled. When I took out my credit card holder to pay for the purchase, my credit card holder that also holds my life, was not there!!! I went into panic mode and called from the drugstore, the last store I was in to see if it had been turned in. It hadn't!! I retraced all my steps and it wasn't anywhere!! Here we are going away on vacation and our credit cards are GONE!!! I called Tom to ask him to check the bag the shirt I bought was in, but it wasn't. Tom was also now going into panic mode!! He's so good though, as he told me to sit down, take it easy and think where I may have put it! How can one sit down when everything we need is gone. To cancel the cards we wouldn't have anything to use on holidays!! I was just feeling sick. He told me to go back to the car and check it again. Guess was there, on the floor, when I threw in my purse into the back seat, it must have fallen out. Talk about relief!!! I called Tom back and he was pretty happy too!!!
It's been a real busy day, packing and doing last minute things, which I still have a lot to do. Men just don't get it!!!! I say how tired I am, and he ask's WHY? That's when I wonder or not if I could murder someone!!! Men just don't get how much work it all is to get it ready and I don't get much help!! HEAR THAT TOMAS!!! (I'm afraid to let him lift anything heavy just after his cortisone shot in the back, so he is being treated with special care!)

This is my moment to relax for a few moments before getting back at it.

I sure wish I knew how to pack light!! The suitcase is going to be straining when I try to zip it up. Two suitcases, one carry-on and all full to the brim! I need to take a packing course or something.

All the school stuff is out and I see parents already buying binders and such. Where did summer go?? Gosh, even the Halloween decorations are out for sale! Incredible!! No wonder our life goes by so quickly!

Don't forget when I come home we have to celebrate the half way point to St. Patrick's day!! Right now it's exactly 213 days, 6 hours, 13 min, andd 43 seconds away!!!! That should call for a St. Patty's Day party!! Any excuse will do with us eh?

Was it me that just said we rush time with Halloween Stuff and such? Yeah, but this is important stuff to us Irish people!!
On that long for tonight and ONE more blog before I sign off for 14 days.

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