Monday, September 1, 2008


Day Two, and a day spent at sea

One thing I forgot to mention that I found interesting, on our first day of sailing was going through Seymour Narrows, near Vancouver Island. I'm only going to include the link here to some interesting information on Seymour Narrows that may interest you as it did me.

We slept well and had breakfast served to us in our room on our first day after we got all our unpacking done and suitcases put away. We sat awhile in the Library, watching the scenery and sea. All of a sudden it became a little less then calm seas, not rough at all, but for some reason, I began to feel a little seasick, plus very tired from the excitement of the past few days, so, I went back to our room and slept for two hours.

Woke up and thought I better charge my camera battery. Hunted everywhere, and then realized, I left it home, plugged into the wall! I brought my iPod charger, the cell phone charger and the cord to connect the camera to the computer, but no camera charger!! I'm in a panic!! It's a brand new camera and takes a certain kind of charger, not batteries. So, up I go to the camera shop and he looked at all his chargers, but none that would fit my battery! What the heck am I going to do without being able to take take photo's? So, I'm asking total strangers if they have a battery charger for a Panasonic camera with no luck. The guy from the camera shop said there is a Radio Shack quite a ways out of town in Ketchikan, also a Walmart that has a shuttle out there, so all I can hope for is they may have one. I continue to ask and stare at people taking photos to see if they have a Panasonic camera. No luck! I'm feeling down!! My battery is dead!!

So, after crying the blues, Linda and Ken and Tom and I go to the pool area where they serve hamburgers, hotdogs, pizza and taco's, so we indulged in all that of course!! Then we decided we should have some ice cream, so back to the Lido for that. The Lido is the cafeteria style restaurant that serves everything imaginable and all different for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Also if you don't feel like getting dressed up, to go to the Rotterdam fancy restaurant, then the Lido serves the same food at night, with the only difference is, you stand in line cafeteria style to get it, and they throw white table clothes on the tables. We always preferred to eat in the Lido, as we didn't need to dress to the 9's.

However, tomorrow night just happens to be the first formal night and the four of us have decided to dress up and go for dinner there. It's lobster night!! But for now, we are back in the Library, with me writing in my diary and Tom sitting reading and sniffling. The air conditioning is getting to us and the Library is always cool. His leg feels a little better, but we are a long way from the 10 days we we're told it would for him to notice much difference. There isn't much to see out the window except a whole lot of sea water.

I decide to go for a browse and end up at the Jewellery store, looking at rings. I take my ring off, and put it into my sweater pocket, and try on this one and that one, and finally meander on to the Casino, where I pop in a dollar to play the 5 cent slots. I don't know what I did, but I pushed spin and then it said Game Over! Geeze, I thought 5 cents would give me lots of plays, but I guess I pushed too many lines and it was over in a blink! Enough of that!!

So, I go past the camera shop and the owner tells me it's unlikely, I'll find a charger in Ketchikan as it's very small, but to try anyway, and if I don't find one, I'll likely find one in the next port of Juneau which is larger. I'm really worried about not having a camera to use now.

So, I wander back to the Library where Tom is still reading. I can hear a woman with a microphone in the next lounge, doing a trivia game! Darn, I missed it, but wander over. Then I get this idea....a whole room of people...I wonder if someone in this crowd could possibly have a battery charger!! So, in my panic of no pictures, I interrupt the woman on the mic. and get her to ask the crowd if anyone has a battery charger for a Panasonic camera. People came up to check my type of battery, but nobody had one.

Meanwhile, Tom in the Library, hears this announcement and KNOW'S who is up to something that he wants to now pretend he doesn't know me!! But I'm desperate!!!

Some of the crew on board, were on the Zaandam when we went to Hawaii, and they actually remembered us from that trip! One even got my name right!! Impressed!!! Wow, what secret of memory training the must have!! I need a whole lot of it!! By the time we left the cruise we knew many of them and they are so very friendly when they see the guests. More pictures of them later.

We meet up with Linda and Ken and decide to go to the Lido. We are all tired and don't feel like dressing up, and it's rack of lamb on the menu, so I can hardly wait for that!! After dinner we all go to the night show, called Broadway, with costumes by Bob Mackie that makes gowns for Cher. Linda and I wished we were half deaf like Tom and Ken who wear hearing aids, as it was way too loud. The guys just reached up and turned their hearing aids off. We suffered!! The show was good, but all repeats of what we saw in Hawaii.

Off to bed and tomorrow Ketchikan! Our clocks move one hour ahead tonight. We are NOW in Alaska!!

I wake up thoughout the night, laughing my head off!! I'm having a funny dream and I'm in hysterics!! Tom doesn't know if I'm laughing or crying. I was having this crazy dream of Roxanne, my sister, trying to carry a live pig up the stairs and I'm at the bottom of the steps laughing at her! Dad is also there, shaking his head as he often did, when we got up to crazy antics as children. Tom is asking if I'm okay but I'm laughing so hard, I can't answer him and I'm awake now, but tears are streaming down my cheeks. So, I get up and go to have a pee, laughing all the way. I just couldn't stop seeing this vision of this wriggling pig and Roxanne struggling to get it up the steps! I got back into bed, and the laughing just wouldn't stop. I think I laughed myself to sleep!!!

I'm so much fun to travel with!!!!

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