Friday, September 5, 2008


Haines, Alaska is my most favourite picturesque place I've seen in all of Alaska, It' absolutely beautiful here with a breathtaking, spectacular setting. Population - 1,811. It's not the usual cruise ship port and it's not all touristy. I heard our ship came here, because the other ports where too busy with other ships at port. Haines is a bald eagle reserve park, which harbors one of the largest congregations of bald eagles in the world. I didn't even step ashore, as all the scenery was fabulous from where I was. It was a beautiful day here and I sat outside on the deck chairs.

More about Haines. It was established s a mining supply and fishing port. Gold seekers swept up in the Klondike rush at the end of the 19th century arrived at the port and then walked northward, following the well beaten Dalton Trail. They brought every thing they owned with them, including farm animals. they felt they had no choice - they were leaving everything they knew and venturing into an unknown wilderness. The narrow and very scenic modern Haines Highway follows the original trail route Everywhere you looked it was beautiful.

This is a ferry that takes people over to Ft. Seward which celebrated it's 200th birthday in 2002, and is still in use but as a national monument. I believe it was built because in 1901 the continuing border dispute between Canada and the US prompted the American government to establish the base.

We leave here at 8:30 pm, so the crew had a lifeguard drill. One of a few they had when there was a quiet day. They even take the lifeboats down and check them out. All the time, and through the middle of the night, the work crew are out painting, and polishing and keeping the Zaandam in it's pristine condition. Everything sparkles!
The crew works VERY hard!!

The next blog, will be on the trip home to Vancouver, stopping at many of the same ports and with little explanations or descriptions of the ports. I'm just going to fill it mostly with pictures of different scenes, and the wonderful crew and also friends we met on board, at least until we are back in Canada and sailing into Vancouver. Then a bit more explanations.

I think I'm beginning to get my days mixed up but where we went is all in order of ports. This picture I believe was a few days earlier.

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