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Floating chunks of ice can only mean one thing, the melting glaciers are nearby! I don't know how these seagulls can stand the cold on their feet. Lots of them around the ship but it's an instant $500 fine for throwing anything off or feeding them. I guess they just hope!
I liked taking these framed shots from the promenade deck.
I'm actually in our cabin, taking a picture of the Glacier. I came in to get something and took a few shots from inside. Good view we had eh?

Goodbye Glacier Bay

Another great couple we met and enjoyed on the cruise. This is Vic, Bruna Tom and me. Where did my teeth go..looks like I have none in the shadows!! Vic and Bruna were a few cabins down from us, so they were often out on the back deck watching the view with us. They live in Vancouver, so we hope to see more of them soon.

Above, the Casino, taken on a day while in port when it and all the stores on the ship close. I gambled twice on the 1 cent machines. In it went and game over! I hate gambling! The slots are on the other side of the pole.

Above is a picture of a picture that hung in the hallways. Tom worked in the engine room of a ship during WWII at the age of 15! Everytime we'd go by, he'd say "there's little Tommy",meaning the guy second from the right, at the bottom of picture. We were on the Zaandam twice now and in the very same hallway, so we've looked at that picture, with me hearing the same comment dozens and dozens of times. So, I took a picture in case we were to see it again.

Lucky, bought me a beautiful flower arrangement when we first got on the cruise. They lasted right though the 14 days, but I couldn't bring anything into Canada such as plants from the US, so had to sadly leave them behind. Lucky is such a sweetheart!

The OLD BEAN, as my cousin Dorothy calls me!

Coming back in Juneau, we are the 5th ship in port! I have to say, although, I know all this tourism is fantastic for the people of Alaska, I do have a concern, when I see all these ships, thousands a year, travelling the waters to Alaska and they sit in port with smoke coming out of the stacks and you just can't help wondering about the environment and what damage it's doing and also to those poor glaciers. There's a big price to pay for things we enjoy. Is it worth it?

Back in rainy Ketchikan Oh the sales, as the season draws to a close for tourists!! 50% off and some places 75% off. I thought of home and buying gifts, but then remembered the 50 lb. limit when I fly! My clothes alone just make it under the limit! Sorry everyone!!

Above was the Red Dog Saloon. Like stepping into another world. A sawdust floor, packed with people, stuffed animals everywhere, a piano player tinkling tunes, a wall full of business cards and another bear chasing a miner up a pole. A few naughty pictures of naked ladies and just a place that is fun and has a ton of atmosphere!

Which ones the moose??

Tom and Linda having a great time, and Joan and Tom having a spin on the dance floor.

Ketchikan, built on pilings

Found myself a new boyfriend!!

Also, another one!! This is Reg from the Lido, that was always so friendly and terribly cute!

Lucky gets some time off and we take him for lunch in Ketchikan. He's a sweetie!

Lucky has his own show on board, showing how to make the delightful little animals we find when returning to our room each night. Always something different and so very cute! At the very end of my Alaska blogs, I will add a movie I took of him doing an elephant. So much fun!

Our home away from home...The Holland America ship 'The Zaandam"

We are leaving Ketchikan here, and all the other ships have left except one, which will trail behind us on the way back to Vancouver. The streets are nearly empty and we are ready to roll! Here they untie us to be on our way.

Heading into the narrows from Ketchikan heading south.

WEll, we are on our way home. I took over 700 photo's and it was fun sharing them with you. The next blog and the last will be our journey to Vancouver. Stay Tuned!!

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