Friday, October 17, 2008


This graphic above, is how I used to feel, when I worked and another long, hard week was over and finally, I felt like I owned myself!! The whole weekend was mine!!! Of course, this is in my later life, when I was on my own, my children we're off on their own and two whole days of whatever I felt like doing lay before me!
That's if I was energetic enough through the week, to get some housework done, so I really could call the weekend free.
I look back on those times as good times, and enjoyed hanging with friends, seeing afternoon movies, renting DVD's, eating popcorn for dinner, lounging in the bathtub and reading late into the evening....oops..and forgot about having the remote to myself!!!
Now, my life is even more wonderful! I still do all the above things if I choose, but our lives take on changes when you have a mate to share times with.
Also, retirement has turned me into a huge procrastinator! I'm lazier, can't find the energy in me to do the things I once did, but along with retirement, comes that little thump on the head reminder, that comes now and then, to say "hey...age is grabbing you in it's claws" and shaking the energy and scattering it about like a dog giving himself a shake as he emerges from the water. I can almost see those droplets of water like energy, flying away and drying up as it hits the ground!
Well this computer seems to have a mind of it's own today as it just deleted two whole paragraphs without my fingers touching the computer keys!!! It was good too!!!
So, I'm leaving you with this much blog today and wishing everyone who is reading this a great weekend!!!
Don't forget to leave a comment/hello now and then!
Time to go throw laundry in the dryer, that I forgot about in the washer earlier!!

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