Thursday, October 16, 2008



Tom had surprised me again, with another mind-blowing, exciting adventure! We are going on another cruise! Again, with Holland America Cruise Line and off to Antarctica!

It's a Christmas holiday cruise, full of fun and festivities on board. Our trip to Hawaii was also at Christmas and it was fun!! I must remember to do what the other's do and bring decorations to hang outside our door on the ship. It's fun to walk through the halls and see how everyone can be so creative with decorations.

We have a terribly long flight, although, we still don't have the plane itinerary as yet, but I know it's about 17 hours long before we land in Santiago, Chile. Then a 90 minute bus ride from the airport to where the cruise ship is in Valparaiso, Chile. What a chance to also see the countryside!

We board the cruise ship, "Amsterdam" and set forth on our journey with the usual Dec. temperatures in the high 80's. As we make our way toward Antarctica, we will be dressing with warmer clothes, until we head back around the very feared Cape Horn with it's unpredictable storms. Or we could get lucky and have calm seas and make the trip around the Cape with all my prayers answered and my head out of the toilet!!!

I'll print out our itinerary another time, to those that may be interested, but we end up in Rio De Janeiro, where we stay overnight and fly home the next day. You can bet, my camera will be clicking constantly by both Tom and myself.

This whole thing amazes me!!! I can remember sitting in school in Geography class, drawing pictures of South America and drawing in the borders in different colours of the various Countries in South America. Very bored, uncaring, but knew I had to learn this stuff, but never was quite sure why, as I knew, I'd never see these foreign places with strange names. Ohmygosh!!! I'm going to these places!!! Now what colour did I give Chile? Was it blue I coloured Uruguay, and maybe pink for Argentina, and what colour out of my box of Crayola did I choose for Brazil??? Probably brown, as all I knew of Brazil was the Brazil nuts we ate at Christmas!!

Today, we had to go to the Consulate of Brazil with our passports and tons of paperwork, in order to get a passport to be in Brazil. We got there and was missing one document, and for the first time since we have owned a cell phone, it made having it worthwhile. We wonder why at times we bother with it, as nobody, except advertisers ever call us!! Today, it sure saved us from having to return. We just called our travel agency and they faxed to the Consulate what we needed. Thank goodness for modern technology!!

On another topic....this is a picture of the little Maltese, TJ, that we gave to my sister Roxanne. My sister has a candle business and had set up a booth at a local craft market and a photographer came along from the local newspaper and snapped this picture which showed up on the front page the next day!

Little TJ is a star!!!

Isn't she cute!!!

Talk to you tomorrow!!'s a rainy, miserable day here in Vancouver. Survivor is on tonight....yahoooo!!!

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