Saturday, October 25, 2008


It is with deepest sorrow, a very heavy heart, and many tears, to tell you that our 17 year old cat Batman, was put down yesterday.

The vet told us, his heart was very bad, his kidneys had begun to fail and without even doing more tests, she could tell that what she would find would not be good. It was time to put him at rest and let him go.

Batman was named by my youngest Grandson, who was too young to know his colours but was aware of the cartoon hero's of the day. Batmans siblings got the name of Peter Pan, and Purple.

Batman was born in Ontario, on my daughters farm. I was to pick one of the kittens to take home and I picked up Batman, looked at his beautiful colour and his wide, amazing green eyes and fell instantly in love. He could be mine only if I agreed to keep his name Batman.

17 years is a long time to grow with one another and there are so many memories of him that will always live in my heart. He was always my constant companion, following me everywhere I went, from room to room, always only comfortable when I was close by. I'll miss so many things about this wonderful creature, and his "brrrrup" sound of hello. We'll miss him running to the door to greet us as we came back from doing errands. I could go on and on with things about Batty that we will miss, but he will always be kept alive in our hearts and memories. He will be so very much missed!!

When I moved to BC, along came Batman on the plane with me to begin a new life here in Vancouver. He now had two people to love him. Tom, who renamed him Batty, tried very hard to win him over and with a few treats and many loving petting, and soft words, win him over he did!!

Your favorite chair is vacant now...No eager purrs to greet me.

No softly padded paws to run ecstatically to meet me.

No coaxing rubs, no plaintive cry, will say it's time for feeding.

I've put away your bowl and all the things you won't be needing,

But, I will miss you little friend, for I could never measure.

The Happiness you brought me, the comfort and the pleasure, and

since God put you here to share in earthly joy and sorrow,

I'm sure there'll be a place for in Heaven's bright tomorrow.

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