Thursday, October 23, 2008


I bet that hurt!!
Thursday favorite night on television. Survivor night!!
I was yawning and my eyes half closing this afternoon, so both Tom and I went for a "cat nap". He said, my head hit the pillow and I was in a deep sleep and snoring so loudly that he had to get up!! I slept on for a few hours! When I have those "little cat naps", I ALWAYS wake up in the most horrible, foul mood and all I want is something really cold!
Have you ever taken those big seedless grapes and pulled them free of the vine, and put them in a dish and into the freezer? When you eat them, they are crisp, cold and addictive!! Like eating a popsicle and a delicious little treat when you want something sweet and cold.
I must have been one of those miserable children that when put down for an afternoon sleep, woke up in a fuss and crying. My poor Mom!!
So, I'm wide awake for Survivor tonight, even though, I've been outed from the pool already. I picked two losers to win!! Still, I enjoy the show.
Other then sleep today, it was pretty uneventful. I made Tom's favourite "triple ginger biscotti", which is delicious, and also some peanut butter cookies. Did some puttering about here, and that was it!!
It was an enjoyable day to just stay home and do mostly zip!
So, with that, my evening is looking much the usual. TV, bath, read and bed!
See you tomorrow!!!

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