Wednesday, October 29, 2008


It's not long now, before the ghouls, ghosts and goblin's will be prowling the neighbourhoods , with always those nasty, older costumed creatures, creating mischief and some just interested in accumulating as much Halloween candy as possible and having plain old fun! Here in Vancouver, it's not only spook night, it's firework night.....or nights, as there are always a few idiots that store their fireworks for the middle of the night, a few days after Halloween, that scare you enough to make one almost stand up in bed when they are set off, which always seem loud enough to be right under our window!!

This was amazing tradition, that dumbfounded me when I first moved here to Vancouver. I can go out here on the balcony and see amazing colours exploding all around the area, both far and near in every direction I look. The first year here, I would make a hot drink and sit outside, enjoying the show. The second year, I went out and watched for a little while. Now, the excitement has worn off and now I may go out to look over the balcony when I hear teenagers just down below. I always worry about a firecracker thrown onto one of the lower balconies.

In Ontario when Tom was visiting me, it happened to be Halloween. Tom couldn't believe how quiet a night it was. Other then the doorbell and the steady knocking on the door, all was quiet, the candy dish was empty and at 8pm, my outdoor light's as well as those around me, went off and the neighbourhood closed down to the little ghosts. Not a firecracker to be heard! About the only damage would be the smashed pumpkins on the road, the day after.

Yesterday, I went to get my hair cut. My perm was gone and the weight of my thin hair was impossible to curl and look decent. I felt like a frump!!! However, my normal hairdresser wasn't there, so I took my chances with the owner of the shop who has cut hair for 47 years. How did I want it, he asked. I said "just a trim with a teeny touch more!" Well, we got talking about interesting topics, and he kept snipping and snipping and finally, I had to tell him "whoa, it's getting a bit shorter then I like!" So, he evened it up, cutting it shorter, and then styled it. Not being familiar with the way I like it uplifted, , he smoothed it down all around my face in a very short cut, with it cut short and straight across the back. There wasn't a curl anywhere to be seen. It was soooo straight and soooo smooth! I looked like I was 20 years older!!! I was to meet Tom in the Library after, so when I walked towards him, he glanced up, did a double take and said.....are you ready for this......he said." Wow, are you ready for Halloween or what!!!"

I couldn't get mad at him, because I knew it looked horrible and I could hardly wait to restyle it. We went for lunch after the Library and when we had finished, he decided, he kind of liked it, it was growing on him!! Men!!! I left it until my shower this morning, and when we woke up, he said he DID like it, as it looked better then my hair standing all on end, everywhere on my head, first thing in the morning. This way, it was all flat!! Men have such a way about them eh?

I managed to get a curling iron in it and curled it the way I'm used to wearing it. It will grow, but sure is going to be a tight ball when I get it permed at the end of November.

This afternoon, I went for coffee with a new friend I met in Starbucks, who sat beside me and we chatted for an hour. She asked for my phone number to see if I'd like to join her again for coffee. She lives in a building I can see from ours. So, when she called today, I invited her over and we went for a walk and a coffee. A nice lady!

Well, this is a terribly boring blog and I'm sorry, but the brain isn't coming up with anything interesting.

PS...Thanks to everyone who signed into the comment page, regarding Batman. Your kind words and understanding are more then appreciated!!! Love you All!!

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