Thursday, October 30, 2008


It's been a great day to sleep in, lay about, read, eat, and do some more sleeping a bit more reading a little more eating and absolutely not a thought of doing any chores!

I'm not sure what the weather forecast is for tomorrow, but I bet a lot of leaves fluttered in their dance to the ground below! It's time to get out the rakes!! It's one of those love/hate jobs, that I'd put off as long as I could, when I had my house, but once I was out there on a beautiful fall day, it became a lovely chore! This is another time, I think of Batman, who would be out there with me, jumping in the pile I'd raked and scattering them about. He would make me laugh as he hid in the pile waiting for another scoop to land on him. Oh well.....good memories and I shouldn't go there....yet!
Madonna has a concert going on in Vancouver tonight and the TV is all a buzz about it. The tickets, for cheap seats are $200. I wouldn't give you $2 to go see her!! I'm just not one of her fans!!'s Survivor night, and I can't go anywhere on a Thursday evening when my favourite show is on.
Well, I took a break here and we had dinner..spareribs, salad and fries. I'm stuffed!! So, I'm going to say goodbye for now, put my feet up and watch Coronation Street!
Another day over!

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