Saturday, October 4, 2008



We woke to a grey, windy and very rainy Sunday. One of those days, where you just put on your snuggly PJ's and have a lovely lazy day, sleeping late, having a late breakfast, reading the paper and finishing my novel....great read it was too, called "The Book of Negroes". Then do some snacking , having a big yawn and crawling under my electric blanket and settling into a nice comfy, bear hibernation type sleep!

Across the road from us, is a school yard, and I'm telling you these Vancouver kids can't be called a whoosh!! These kids, about 8 or 9 years old, playing soccer in the pouring, pelting down rain, as if it was a sunshine filled day. The parents sure need a whole lot of praise, as well, with standing out there, huddled together under umberella's, trying to keep warm and dry while hollering advice and encouragement at their kids. I sure hope when they finish the game, winners and losers are treated to a nice set of clothing and taken for their favourite hamburger or pizza! They sure deserve it.
Meanwhile, I have to get up and close the window and put in ear plugs, so it drowns out their cheering and their little victory chanting sounds. Old grouch that I am!!

I hate to tell those who read this faithfully, but blogging is starting to wear down in interest for me. In fact the whole computer thing is such a time consumer, and I'm not getting anything constuctive done around here. I've become a full pledged procrastinator, putting off chores that should be done. I've got ironing up to my ying yang, hanging around to be done, this carpet needs to be steam cleaned, the fridge and freezer cleaned out, plants on the balcony dealt with, plus many other things. I'd like to get back to swimming at the pool and to get myself out walking more, but once I sit down at the computer, I'm lost in it for hours, and nothing gets done! Sooooo, if I miss a few day here and there, I hope you will keep watching for the next blog. I'm not giving it up completely, I just need to do something else and get a life!!!

Dianne C, you will just have to swig a tot of hot rum or something to help you to sleep on those days, my blog doesn't put you to sleep!! hahahh
What a sleeping pill I've been. Goes to show how boring this blog is, but still addictive!
So, please keep tuned, I may be here tomorrow and may not be here until Thursday, but I'll save any good stuff and tell you all about life here in Linda's Ramblings and Other Things.
TA TA !!

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