Friday, October 3, 2008


Yellow roses where always my mothers favourite flowers, and yesterday one of the neighbours brought us up, a beautiful bouquet of them, very much like the picture above, only with lots of baby's breath, which I love. She gave them to us for looking after her dog while she was in the hospital. It was Tom who took the dog out for walks a few times a day, but I got the roses!!

I'm afraid, I'm going to do a cop out on you again tonight! We had company for dinner and after all the preparation, which I'm just getting too old for this entertainment stuff, I'm pooped and ready for bed. Beside, I'm reading this really good book that I'm dying to get into the bathtub with and read and soak my aching back. So, I'm sorry, for a blah blog. Tomorrow, I'll try and come up with something interesting. I've also been busy putting pictures into albums and it's a bigger job then I though! But I'm getting there. Now I just need to get Tom when he's not busy to scan a few for me to show you.

Off to bed I go, heigh, ho, heigh ho!!

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