Tuesday, October 21, 2008


My brain doesn't work too very hard, so you know what work my hands are doing!

Actually, my hands do many things in a day! In fact, I wish there were some sort of gizmo, like a pedometer, only for the hands instead of the feet. My hands probably wouldn't work so hard, if my brain would behave better and I didn't have to back track to whatever it was I was suppose to do in the first place!

It would be horrible to be without hands, I've pretty well adapted to no brain!

Today, I went shopping for new living room chairs and also to just browse the mall, and on the way home get some needed groceries. Tom and I looked at chairs the other day and couldn't find anything but overstuffed, massive and big leather, hulking things! Not to mention....very pricey!!! We found one we fell in love with, but it was expensive and two buy two to match was more then what we had planned. It also made me feel good, seeing as they where so expensive, they really didn't suit our living room.

Today, I found two lovely, recliners for the price of the one we looked at the other day. Tom wasn't with me, but I'll drag him there tomorrow to see what he thinks.

As I was in the furniture department, there was an announcement over the loudspeaker of a 5 minute sale in towels, that we're going for a GREAT price. So, I looked over and I could see towels of every colour flying everywhere!!!

There was two minutes left.....the heat was on, the stress....ohh, my gawd, what a great price....beautiful colours......it's now 30 seconds left. My hands reach in and grab two of this, two of that and two more of that wonderful colour! Just like an auction, it was "Time is OVER! I raced to the cash. The cashier would take only two more people in line.....I had made it!!!!!

Now, I would love to tell you the price of the towels, but I forgot even what the normal price was, but it was marked down 50%, plus another 25%, so I know I got 6 lovely thick oversize bath towels for the price of one!! I left them in the car, because I had to carry groceries as well at the bundle of towels up and I couldn't carry it all. Now, that I got this great deal....where do I put them!!! Man, there is going to be a great clean out around here very shortly!!!

Then home and made tacos for dinner. Tom discovered a few months ago, that he loved them, so it was easy to whip up. Tomorrow, we'll go and look at the chairs and see what Tom's thoughts on the chairs are.
I'll keep you posted!!
By the way!! We have our first snow on the mountains, and I hear Toronto had snow today too!!
Also, they are finally installing much needed new carpeting in our foyer and hallways. It should be a great improvement!!
That's it from the West Coast!! Lets' hear from some Ontario people!!

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