Wednesday, October 22, 2008


It's getting closer and closer to spooky, scary Halloween. A great site for those who love this fright, fun night, try

My daughter Erin, LOVES Halloween and I mean LOVES it!! I think she gets more excited about it then Christmas!! She decorates her house with every witch, ghost, and scary monster she can find. Her house has pumpkins glowing everywhere, orange lights, big air puffed white, but cute ghosts, as big as her house itself! The inside as well as outside is also decorated, with orange tableclothes with napkins adorned with happy halloween pumpkins. She starts late summer to make Halloween costumes for everyone in the family. She has a terrific imagination, so her costumes are outstanding and very unique.
I have rarely ever received a normal picture of my granddaughters from the time they we're babies, the only ones I would get are of them decked in beautiful hand made costumes.
Here's a few good memories of those past Halloweens...
Sarah as Dorothy from Wizard of Oz and Erica as the Wicked Witch of the North

My Two Little Beatniks!

My Two Little Harem Dancers....look at those dimples on Sarah!!! Gosh, I've always wanted dimples....I have them now, but not in the right places!!!

Erin, my daughter as Methuselah....see the yucky snakes all on her head.

My Grandson and I....boy, did we get a hoard of candy that night!!!!

As for myself....I've never been fond of Halloween! I loved it as a kid, but as an adult, it seemed Halloween fell right when my favourite program was on TV and I would miss it with the 125 kids that came to my door. Up and down, up and down!! One Halloween, I set the huge big bowl outside and let the kids help themselves. The bowl was empty in 10 minutes!!! Now, that I live on the 7th floor and in Vancouver, where the big thing is fireworks, I just enjoy, watching the light show and the big booms that echo against the mountains as fireworks are set off all around our condo, which has a three sided view, so if my favourite show isn't on...I go take a hot brew and put on a warm coat and just go and enjoy!! I like Halloween now!!

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