Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Gosh, it's amazing what one learns when they read the instructions!! I could have left those pictures from Smilebox of our trip to Alaska on here, but I got too trigger happy too quick.
Nothing much is new here the past few days. Tom surprised me yesterday with one of his mystery trips that I have no idea where we are heading, I just get ready and hope I'm properly attired. We ended up at IKEA!
I'm going to copy from a letter I wrote to a friend this morning, rather then type the whole thing about again about what happened to me at IKEA.
Yesterday, when we went to IKEA, I had a funny little accident!! Tom was in hysterics laughing at me.
I wore a pair of heavy type slacks, like jeans, but dressier. The zipper wouldn't stay up without the button being done up. Soon as we got there, we headed to the washroom. My button popped off, and flew under the stalls and was gone!! My zipper wouldn't stay up and my pants kept sliding off me! I searched in my purse for a safety pin, but I'm always changing purses, and the one I had a little repair kit was in the other purse at home!! I went out with my arms holding unto my pants, so was walking very delicately, trying to keep them up. Tom is laughing at me when I told him what happened. We asked at the desk if they had a safety pin and nobody did. We wandered around with me holding on, now with my hands in my pockets to hold my pants up. I asked a fellow stacking dishes if he knew where I could get a safety pin but he didn't have one, so he got on his phone and called the medical department to see if they had pins and NO, they didn't use safety pins, just clips, that wouldn't work on my pants problem. Another person in display was called and he came down to see how he could help, but only had a stapler! So there I was in the middle of the store with my shirt up, and stapling my pants shut, all the time trying to keep the zipper up as well. Tom standing back laughing with the guy who brought the stapler and saying he's never had a request like this before. So, I got myself sort of held together and still had to walk gingerly around so they wouldn't pop open. Then, Tom wants to go for lunch, and I'm afraid to sit, or even eat! They actually held while I so gently lowered myself into the chair, but was afraid to eat more then one meatball off Toms plate and sip my coffee. They actually held until I got into the car, drove home and had to pop them off to use the washroom again. Needless to say, I didn't really enjoy the day, when I was afraid to hardly
move, and was terrified of trying out any chairs!
I think I'll carry a safety pin in my purse from now on, pinned to the inside of the lining!!
We are leaving in a few minutes to go have tea at some friends of ours, so I better hurry and finish this off.
I took some pictures while out on my walk on Sunday and will post them next time on her. Just a bunch of seagulls down at the pier and a picture of how the trees are changing. Not real interesting stuff, but all I have at the moment.
Wait until we come back from Antarctica at Christmas, and I'll have lots to tell you and loads of penquin instead of seagulls to show you.
Talk to you soon

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