Monday, October 13, 2008


I do hope everyone got together with family friends and those you love, this Thanksgiving and enjoyed a super turkey dinner with all the trimmings, while giving thanks for your great blessings, big or small!

This is how I spent my Thanksgiving weekend from Saturday on, and still not feeling up to snuff. I've got a bug of some kind that started Saturday morning, after having breakfast with Martin and Joan. I woke though Fri/Sat night with a roaring headache and it kept up until late morning, then the bug really bit me!! The closest I'm getting to fowl this weekend, is a can of cream of chicken soup.

I hope everyone else enjoyed this fellow below!! How can something so ugly, taste so good???
I know, I know, it's horrible to put this picture of a turkey on here. It's bad taste, but it makes me feel better, so allow me that eh? It's been a miserable weekend and not what I hoped our Thanksgiving was going to be like! My crazy, weird humour is showing through, but hey...I'm sick!!!

So to all my family, friends and people in my life that makes life worth living, I just want to say thank you!! For all of you, I'm very thankful!!

I'll get serious about blogging soon as I am feeling better. Don't give up in me!!!

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