Tuesday, October 14, 2008



Time for us to make the big X on that little square at the polling booth, to choose what Party is going to work it's wonder's in Canada and help to further transform this glorious Country of ours, with all the promises that have been thrown at us the past few months. We made our little X this afternoon, albeit with not much enthusiasm at what choices we have to X with! All we can do now is HOPE for the best!!

Decisions! Decisions!

It's quite incredible the difference our neighbours to the South go through with their election process. Years of going though the choice process, hundreds of debates, billions of dollars spent, all the microscopic look at their lives, their friends, who said what to whom and is it all really necessary???

For the muck raking, I guess with my past, I'll never qualify (for many reasons) to run for anything!! My goodness, I knocked a little guy down when I was 4 in order to kiss him....guilty of male assult!

I stole a roller skate key, right out of Woolworth's when I was about 8...guilty of theft....no crime on record, but the Americans would turn it around to make it seem that way. (I'm sorry Woolworths!!!)

I've hung around with some shady characters through my life, and I still fondly remember all the crazy fun we had, but that's part of just growing up. Don't you have to experience with life and what path to take? Should these politicians have to be apologetic about everything in their childhood and adolescence? I just don't get all that muck raking and personal slams the Americans do, but then again there is so much under the surface of politics and the reasons why of this and that, I don't understand, nor would I want to learn or really know, the under shades, the sneakiness and in turn, become more disillusioned with life and the way the both Countries are run.

On the other side....The American elections are VERY entertaining!! I hate to say it, but our Canadian elections put me to sleep!! Because we are so closely tied with the States, and know so much about their candidates and we all have such strong opinions on both Obama and McCain, and lots of opinions on Palin, maybe the States should allow us Canucks to have 1/2 a vote per person in their voting process. I can bet you a buck, there is a extremely small if nil percentage of Americans who know anything about our party leaders, or who are parties are or more so...that we are having an election today!!

We live in interesting times!!

So I hope everyone exercised their Canadian rights today and you put your mark on that little square.

Let's hope our choice is a good one and the best person wins!! We've done our part, now if only they will do theirs, as promised!!

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