Monday, November 3, 2008


Hello again! I've tried a couple of times yesterday to write a blog, but it wouldn't save and thus, I couldn't publish it! I think Blogger was having some difficulty with their site yesterday.

So, here I am trying again! Not that I have much to say, but just want to keep in touch with everyone. It's my way of keeping in touch and saying hi.

I'm trying hard to think what we did yesterday when I wrote the blog, but my Lord, is my memory failing me! I can't even remember that far back!! Ohhhh yeah...we did nothing in the morning, except I made fruit smoothies for breakfast, as I've been doing most of last week and I think I overheated our little Bullet, and as I put it away, waiting for it to cool, I said a little prayer over it that it would work when I used it again. This morning, I wasn't in the mood to deal with any kind of problem, so when I was setting the table with cereal bowls, Tom came in and said "Put it all away...we're going out!" What a lovely surprise!! Tom is so incredibly wonderful!!
He did the same thing last night, after I came back in the afternoon from a little walk and a coffee with a friend at Starbucks. I was about to start dinner and Tom said, not to make any, as he was taking me out for a surprise. Ohhh, he can be spot on when I need it!! Last night we went to a lovely little French restaurant, where they make the most fabulous Pizza. Now, I know Pizza is Italian, but who am I to argue with their menu....I love the pizza there and Tom knows it!!

Back to today..Off we went on another of his mystery tours. First we went to the Thrift shop to drop off all the "like new" sweaters and shirts that we cleaned from his side of the closet yesterday. Two HUGE garbage bags full!! Then we had to go see what our matching, swivel rockers, that we dropped off there on Saturday was selling for!! A whopping $30.00 each!! It's amazing the buys you can get at the Thrift shop in furniture. I love old furniture like that and when I look at stuff, I can see a paint job, or a refinishing, and I can hardly walk away from the bargains. What a pack rat I can be.

After doing that , we stopped for coffee, then set off to the Quay at New Westminster, or is that Westminister??? What a disappointment!! It's all under construction and only a few little stores where open and struggling to make a living. It wasn't worth the parking we paid!
So, we had a little lunch and headed off home again. A rainy, type of sleepy day, but always fun with my husband and always some good laughs along the way!

There is snow on the mountains here, and as pretty it is, it's sad to see it there, as we move from Fall to Winter. The leaves are struggling to hold their leaves here, and some places, are very pretty with beautiful shades of red and gold. But, it won't be long until the branches are bare.

The American election is almost over and although, I've been enjoying it and our TV seems to be always on CNN, I will be glad to see it over. Tomorrow, we will likely spend the day, watching history unfold before us and hope that Obama wins. So sad to see his grandmother pass away on the eve of potentially being the first black President of the USA.

We are using lawn chairs until our new chairs will be delivered mid Nov. My rear end is getting very painful sitting here, so I'm outta here and standing up for awhile, or maybe the couch looks good too!!

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