Friday, November 21, 2008



I've taken a few days off from doing the blog, so I hope Dianne isn't awake all night without her nightly send off!!

Let's see.....what have I been doing the past few days? I can remember what I did 10 years ago better then I can yesterday!!
Since I went down to sit by the sea in the sunshine (with sunscreen), by the sea shore,(try saying that quickly 5X in a row!), things have been very quiet and non eventful around here. I think I did some baking one day, cleaned out a few drawers and quickly filled them up again. Tom saw one empty drawer in the dresser and got all excited that he might have some more space of his own, but my clothes where in there before he could hardly finish his sentence. My, we lack for storage here!! I have clothes stuffed into the closet, but it's a small closet, and clothes also in those big plastic containers under the bed. I had to buy those lifts you put under each bed post to raise the bed up, to allow more storage.
The weather was lovely one day, but I didn't take advantage of it and get outdoors. Since then, it's been rainy and very windy.
Yesterday, I went to my regular hairdresser Agnes, for a perm and she nearly fell over at how short the other hairdresser had cut my locks a few weeks ago, when I couldn't stand the length anymore!! She could hardly get the perm rods in! You should see it now! Actually, it's not that bad, it's just in that first perm stage where it looks like a new perm. I'll wash it tonight and it should relax some. I sort of look like a Brillo pad!! Still too short!!
I'm getting more excited about our trip to Antarctica, and have packed and repacked our suitcase's (in my mind) a dozen times already, trying to decide what is best to wear. I get on the net and look at monthly temperatures down there, and it's not that cold, much like here in Dec. actually and out of 22 days, not many of them are extreme cold. Once we head out of Chile, we have about 3 days of cruising I'm told before it starts to cool down, then after we've rounded that dreaded horn and I've seen enough penguins, we start heading north again, and into the heat as we head towards Rio. So, I think, I'm only bringing what I'd wear here for the cold and just add layers and then shorts and light clothes for the heat. We met a couple from the States on our Alaska cruise in August, and we made a bet that I wouldn't put my bathing suit on and get into the pool as we rounded the horn! So, Jack, get that trophy ready, because if I have to sit on the ice covered pool, I'm doing it!! Never give me a dare!!! I'm always dumb and stupid enough to take the challenge!! Picture will be sent as proof...believe me!! Rio yesterday was 98 and very humid, so I'll go from hypothermia to heat stroke within a few days!! Yikes!! I found out today that the stores all close down about 2 in the afternoon! Ohhh great!! I'll be on the run to shop once my feet hit Terra Firma before the natives go for Siesta!!
Today, was cleaning day, and we ended up steam cleaning the rug again!! A white rug is a curse!!! We ended up steam cleaning the big chair and footstool and all the dining room chair seats too. They all turned out nice and bright looking.
Then I got really lazy and had a sleep!!
So, that's my day so far!! Tom wanted to go out for coffee, but it was easier to make it here and eat some homemade biscotti's then to go out in this miserable weather.
So, maybe tomorrow, I'll get active and write a more interesting blog!!
See ya!!

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