Saturday, November 22, 2008


I just thought I'd show you where in this "small world" that people have come in to visit lately on the blog. Some return many times, others come and go and never return. Each day it's very different and so interesting to see.

If I were to click on a pin on my site, it would open up to show many other pins and the area they have come from. As you see, there is a large concentration of pins in certain spots, such as Ontario and down the east coast. A few scattered across Canada and down through the States

Many in the British Isles, lots in Asia, and my usual two readers from Australia have not clicked in today. Where is Luxxy and Joan??

Below is where I've done one click on one pin and it gives you an idea of where people are from. Sorry, the shot is so small, but I've have to do many multiples to show everyplace. But, I'll name a few here.

Bangalor, India, Wasaga Beach Ont.,Burnaby BC.,Fredericksberg Virginia, Sudbury Ont., Milton Ont., Delaware US.,Delhi India, Minnesota, Norway, Duncan BC., Belleville Ont., Dallas Texas, Romania, London England, New Jersey, Carolina, Rome Italy, Pirmaseno Rheinland Germany, King of Prussia Pennsylvania, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Ljubljana Slovenia, Jakarta Indonesia, Dover, New Hampshire, Stockholm, Oklahoma, Lethbridge, Colorado, Chicago, China, Japan, Buenos Aires Argentina, Barcelona Spain, Bulgaria, Poland, and many more too numerous to mention, but I love to see where they are from.

So far this Saturday, we haven't done a darn thing! Had breakfast, read the newspaper over coffee, and then started to check emails and do this blog. I had a glitch in the computer, but managed to fix it. Martin would be proud of me!!!

The sun is shining, the day is lovely, and I think I'll nudge Tom to go outdoors somewhere!!!

Bye for now!

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