Thursday, November 27, 2008



I keep trying to read my book and keep getting interrupted or else I fall asleep!! It seems every time I open it and read either a paragraph or even a page, something will distract me, or my eyes get heavier and heavier and before long, I'm snoring instead of enjoying the book I waited so long to enjoy. It's pretty good too!!

Survivor is on tonight also, so unless, I can keep my eyes open past 9pm, I won't be page turning after!!

We are just watching the news and it's horrible what is going on in Mumbai, India. It's so sad, all this killing and fighting.

I have a daughter who never listens or watches the new and I never could figure that out! Why isn't she interested in what's going on in the world, but maybe ignorance is bliss, and along with stress!! There sure isn't much in the news to make one smile these days. It seems we all live in fear.

Did anyone see Rosie Donnell's new program last night? I loved her on The View and was so disappointed when she left, but Whoopie sure filled her shoes quickly. So, I was looking forward to Rosie's new show. Talk about disappointment!! It was horrible, and seemed more like a high school production, right down to a pie in the face skit. Rosie seemed extremely nervous and just not herself. Hopefully, it will get better as time goes by, and it will be a success.

Well, nothing more to say.

This is my daughter Lisa. See any resemblance??? We are told all the time, we look and sound alike.

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