Saturday, November 29, 2008


I love poinsettia flowers at Christmas, as much as I like a Christmas tree. I love holly too and we can see much of it growing around here. I'm really not an indoor plant person, probably because I hate looking after them. The poinsettia plant always seems to last so long, and I've had one bloom, right to July!! I'm always ready to chuck them out by February and glad to see the end of it. Any other plant, I seem to have the ability to kill off easily, even though I do try to keep them alive. I think I kill them with too much attention, such as watering too much, or letting them go dry too long. So, I just give up on indoor plants entirely!

My mom, once had a huge big Christmas cactus, which she looked after faithfully, waiting and hoping for it to bloom. She would always wonder why it wouldn't, although it just kept getting bigger and bigger. Mom died in June, and the following Christmas, that plant was a mass of huge beautiful blooms. My sister and I always felt it was a sign of hello from Mom. So, one of us had to keep the plant alive, and well. Seeing as I don't have a green thumb for indoor plants, Roxanne got to be the keeper. I don't know if it's bloomed since that year...1980, but I see the plant every time I'm back home and it's well looked after. I'll have to ask Roxanne if it's bloomed since.

Yesterday, we went to AUSTRALIA! The big move blockbuster that is!! It was a rainy, miserable day, and Tom full of surprises, had cut out the movie times from the newspaper, and after his Chiropractor appointment, he just headed across to Tinseltown. He never tells me where we are going, we just arrive, and it's always a wonderful surprise. The movie, was good, not superb, but very good..well...ok...superb!! Just remembered the scene where Huge Jackman takes off his yeah....superb!! The scenery was absolutely beautiful. What a beautiful country! The Outback is desolate, dry and everything looks a red sort of colour. I wonder what the soil and the rock is to be so red.

Loved this fellow too!!!

It's pouring rain here again today, but I think after 3 hours of movie yesterday, Tom is movied out!! I hear from a few people that the movie "The Boy In The Striped Pajama's" is good, also the one with Brad Pitt "The Adventures of Benjamin Button", also looks good.

My finger has really been bothering me quite a lot lately, and I keep changing my self diagnosis from tendinitis, to arthritis, to a sprained finger, back to arthritis! We have a doctor appointment in two weeks before we leave for our trip, so will find out then what the heck it is. Maybe it's from typing so much!! That's why, I'm not doing the blog every day. At least that's one reason, the other is my book The Adventures of Edward Sawtelle, that I'm reading, and then this morning, I get a notice from the Library that my other book that I had on requested was now available. Damn!!! I can't possibly read all that in the next few weeks with all that's going on, so will have to forfeit my hold, and become 12Th in line to get it next, which will likely be next Spring!!! Oh well!!!

Have a great weekend everyone. Leave a comment now and then please!!

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