Thursday, November 6, 2008


Tonight, I'm just showing some shots that I just downloaded from my camera.
The shots of the trees, I took from the bedroom balcony, looking down on the beautiful display of colour. Wow, what Mother Nature can do eh??

Where is that pot of gold??
The day I went to a different hairdresser and he went scissor happy, and smoothed my hair all down flat against my head. I seem to have lost all my red hair too, as it blends with my face. Look at all those wrinkles.....Mother Nature can play horrible tricks too!!!!

This is Byron, Tom's Great-Grandson and I'm his Nana!! Isn't he cute!

Any resemblance???

Let's play "I got your nose Great-Grandpa!!"

This is what they built when they tore Tom's cottage down at Green Lake. Not finished yet!! Big eh? Looks like a Motel!

This was taken from our balcony yesterday, of the mountains, as it was just starting to snow up there. It had started to rain down here!!

What a pretty sight this was, then I walked to the dining room window and when I got there, the mountains had all clouded over and probably won't be seen again for a week, as it's suppose to rain heavily all week!

Today, we didn't do too much, just read, and watched and listened to the heavy rainfall. A little snooze in the afternoon, as it got so dark, around 2 pm. Then we went out and had a light dinner and did an errand or two. Now, I'm heading for my bath, and to get ready to watch Survivor.

Nighty night!!!

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