Friday, November 7, 2008



( You would think I was American instead of Canadian, but it means much to us, north of the border as well, and I sure hope and pray that Obama can do what we all hope he can do)

While sitting here wondering what to write about tonight, I looked out and saw a squirrel hunting and storing nuts for Winter, and I thought I'd put some stuff about animals hibernating, seeing as I have some neat pictures to show you. But then Oprah came on and she viewed a new video that is out, called "Yes We Can". It's really great and if you haven't seen it, just click on the link below and enjoy. Hmmm, just tried it and it didn't work, so you may have to copy and paste the link into your viewer to see it.

Our TV seems to be always on CNN these days! I miss my reading, so will have to get back to that!!

I just finished a book called Small Island. It was really good!! One of those "meaty books" that you can really get into.

Also finished this book which took me a full 15 minutes or less to read. Usually Rohinton Mistry's books are thick and lots of great reading, so was surprised when the Library handed over, the hold I had on this one. It's the size of a children's book, complete with illustrations. But it was a very good little read. Sad, and a little humour at the same time.

Today, was another pouring, pelting down rain day! We ventured into Vancouver, to the Brazilian Consulate and now have our visa's to allow us into Brazil. Wow, does our passport look interesting with all those stamps in it now!!

Tomorrow, I go to my last RED HAT event. I just don't seem interested in joining anymore, although it was fun many times and it's a great group of ladies. I guess there is a time for everything! We are going to a place called "Giggle Dam".

It's a dinner theater, that is suppose to be a real hoot to go and see all the fun things they do. I'm looking forward to it.

Monday, we are going out with Toms sister and husband Ken for lunch, so that will be fun, then, we are going to Bellingham, in the US, later in the week with some other fun friends. November and December's calendar is really filling up!! Of course I'll take pictures and show you all our ventures!!

Well, we visited McDonald's today for the first time in years, for a Big Mac. But it's getting close to dinner time, and my tummy is starting to growl, and I can hear Toms from across the room, so I better end this and go find us some dinner.

Talk to you tomorrow!!

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