Monday, November 10, 2008


This getting older is a big pain in the .....whole dang body!!! Everything hurts today. Must be from all those laugh muscles I used at the Giggle Dam on Saturday night, plus the late hour I got home. Whatever it is, I'm beat tonight, so this will be a shorter blog!

I have bad knees, especially my left knee, and going up and down stairs or inclines or declines of any kind is painful. So, yesterday, I'm browsing the Internet and look up "pain in knees". Included with all the information was a bunch of exercises that will give strength to the muscles in the knee, so last night, laying in bed, I did the exercises starting with the right problem, was careful to not overdue it. Then I started with the very painful left knee. I heard a large CRACK and ohhhhh, the pain!! Did I break my knee?? When the pain subsided, I stood up and all seemed okay, but when I woke this morning, and got out of bed, another large CRACK...but it seemed okay. Then I took a step....Ohhhh, kill me now, I thought!!! After a bit of hobbling around, the pain left and it's just ached all day! So much for those exercises.

Lately, I've these cramps in my hands that come and go....what's that all about? I'm wondering what onset of whatever disease is about to descend on me. Do I now have arthritis?? Yee Gads....I'm falling apart!!

Yesterday, Tom came home with a present for me! Thoughtful of him eh? What I got as a package of those bands you put over your nose to stop snoring!!! Apparently, I snore so bad, that I sound like a chainsaw, and he checks every morning around the bed for piles of sawdust! He's been poking me to wake up, and I grunt, roll over and continue with my melodic sound! He's so tired during the day, from being awake half the night and finally decided these bands may save a marriage!! Apparently they worked 3/4 of the night, until it came lose and I tore it off, turned over and went back to sleep. The snoring started, and Tom got up and came around to look at me to see if the experiment failed and saw my little patch on the floor. So, tonight, I'll plaster it down well, put my earplugs in my ears, so I don't hear him snoring (he does it lightly...I AM THE CHAMPION!) and see if we sleep the night away undisturbed!

Oh the trials and tribulations!!!

We spend a very enjoyable day, having lunch with Belle and Ken, at The Gilnetter Pub in Port Coquitlam. They had a fantastic menu and apparently a "to die for buffet on Sundays" The food was delicious and the company great!!

Then, off Tom and I went to Brentwood Mall where I poked around looking for new jeans. Man, if I was in a good mood all day, trying on jeans destroyed every bit of happiness in me!!! And what did I do after I struggled into nearly every pair and type and brand of jeans in the store......ate an ice cream cone!!!!

My old ones looked like this....they must have shrunk eh? Yeah, I needed a larger size!! I'm not a happy person!!

Well, this was to be a short blog, and it's ending now. Off for my lonely bath, without old Batman and to read my book in silence, except for the little bubbles that rise to the surface now and then!!! Man do I spill my guts on here!!!!

Nighty night!!

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