Sunday, November 9, 2008



My goodness, I was out until 1 am this morning!!! I haven't done that in a long, long time!

The Ladies, donned their red hats and went out to play last night and what a fun night it was. We went to a dinner/theatre in Port Coquitlam, BC. It was a high energy musical comedy adventure, complete with skits, satire, parodies, impersonations and naughty bits!

We look like a sad group here, but this was when we just arrived and before the fun began!

Below: Is a hilarious skit from Braveheart. (the whole theme for tonight's entertainment was set in the Medieval times.)

See the plaid material on the table, it's a girl with her legs stuck out and arms up that they pretended was bagpipes. Hard to imagine, but it was funny!

A fun waiter

Watch out Patricia, Pat and Reta, he's not just wanting to stick his sword in you!!! (his words, not mine!)

Below, is the guy captured in chains, and at this skit, I laughed so hard, I could hardly catch my breath!!! Terribly funny!!

Below: Two Queens, and Mary Antoinette, who kept her candy bars and cotton candy in her hair piece!

These three maidens where wanting a man, sang a dirty little ditty and went into the audience to see what they could find!!

Below: This is Leonardo Da Vinci, who was about to paint Mona Lisa. He came out with the funniest lines and how she kept her face in the painted mode must have been painful. The painter left, and out crawled a fellow from under her full skirt!!! Whatever he was doing there, will never make me look at the painting of Mona Lisa again, without a chuckle!

And laughter filled the room and went on and on!!! This was a very funny show!!

We had some Elvis and Billy Idol and Rod Stuart that we admired for their impersonations that were great, also a real hoot with their antics!

Sherry, from another Red Hat chapter got a mauling from Billy Idol!

Catharine, one of the Regal Ramblers, ended up in Elvis's arms, much to the surprise of the rest of us. There is so much humour and ad libbing in this show, that the players are a good or better then Saturday Night Live!! We got a good laugh over the comments on Catharine's hat looking like a condom! She replied, "well, she wanted us to be safe!" hahahahah

I don't know who was enjoying the little feels more, Elvis or Catharine!!! But things where getting HOT on stage!!!

The wonderful fun night ended with a rousting song about being Canadian! Complete with Canadian patriotism.

Reta waving her flag and hating to see the fun end!

I took around 200 pictures and this is just a sampling. Thanks to Queen Barbara for arranging a fun filled evening!!!

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